Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers FAQ’s

What is the Shelf Life?
For freshness and best taste: Nut Butters – 1 year (no need to refrigerate);

Does your nut butter need to be refrigerated? 
No, but our nut butters will be best while they are freshest. In fact they are best stored in a cool dry place like your pantry or cupboard.

Where do your nuts come from?
While we try our best to source products from local sources, many nuts aren’t generally grown in our climate. We source from USA primarily - California Almonds, Peanuts from Southeastern USA. Our hazelnuts are grown right here on Vancouver Island.

Are your products gluten free?
We do not use or make any products that contain gluten.

Where can I find your products?
A list of our retailers is available here.

How can I get my local store to carry your products?
A request means more when it comes from you, so please mention our products to your retailer and drop us an email with their contact information so that we can follow up by sending them some samples and our wholesale information.

Retailer FAQ’s

Why Island Nut Roastery?
We are a small batch artisan Nut Roastery. We don’t believe in our roasted nuts sitting in a warehouse. We make our products once the order has been placed. Minimizing the time between production and consumption puts the Fresh Roast in the West Coast!

Are you planning new products?
Yes. We are always working on adding to our offerings. We have also worked with retailers that have specific requests for trail mixes or nut butters.

What is the shelf life?
For freshness and best taste: Nut Butters – 1 year (no need to refrigerate).

How fast can I expect my order to be delivered?
Once your order is received, we require a maximum 10 days to fill your order. Depending on size, we often get orders turned out in a day or two. Shipping times are typically 1-5 days after the order has been filled depending on destination.